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Career Counselling

What is Career Counselling?

  • A process of inquiry into your career development and options.

Who is it for?

  • Grade 9 to 12 school learners
  • Young adults at tertiary institutions/entering job market
  • Adults who are contemplating a career change
  • Grade 8 learners can also be assisted in terms of subject selection

Why should I go?

  • Deciding on a career is often quite difficult!
  • There are several elements such as personality, values, aptitude, personal motivations which influence your career decision-making processes.

How will Career Counselling help me?

  • Career Counselling will help you to gain more insight into your career needs and career development.
  • Career Counselling will also help you to identify your strengths, growth areas, expectations and ambitions.

The Career Counselling Session

  • The Career Counselling Session is a one-on-one consultation where we investigate you regarding your career and/or studies.
  • We will explore your career concerns and think carefully around your career development so that you are empowered to make informed decisions.
  • It is a once-off 60-minute consultation.
  • Client confidentiality will be maintained and informed consent will be acquired prior to the consultation.

What are Psychometric Career Assessments?

  • These are formal, structured exercises designed by psychologists and psychometrists to measure certain psychological qualities to assist you in choosing a career that suits your personality, abilities and values. They are scientifically researched and tested to ensure that they are fair, reliable and valid.

The Career Assessment

  • The Assessment consists of a comprehensive series of pencil-and-paper exercises and computerised assessments (user-friendly).
  • All assessments used are recognised by the HPCSA, highly reputable and normed for the South African population.
  • We assess your Aptitude, Personality, Career Interests, Values, etc.
  • The cost of the Assessment may be claimed back from your medical aid.
  • The Assessment is typically a 3-hour process.
  • A comprehensive report will be given to the client and the results will be discussed in a 1-hour follow-up feedback session. Parents (or partners) are welcome to join in the feedback process.
  • Testing is conducted in a safe, professional environment under supervision of the registered Psychologist.
  • Call us on 012 998 0809 to make a booking (Advanced bookings essential for school holiday periods) and to enquire about our costs.


  • Only persons registered with the Professional Board for Psychology under the auspices of the HPCSA may administer, score, interpret and give feedback on psychological tests (e.g. aptitude, intellectual, interests, personality) interpretation and feedback are limited to Registered Psychologists, and (with exceptions to certain tests), psychometrists registered in the category Independent/Private practice.
  • References: HPCSA Classification of Tests (Form 207) and Policy on Classification of Psychometric Measuring Devices, Instruments, Methods and Techniques (Form 208); Health Professions Act, Act 56 of 1974


iThemba is an accredited
Provider of Education and Training
with the Services Seta # 0659

All course fees includes:

  • NQF Aligned Courses
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Light Lunch and Refreshments
  • 15% Tax

Contact info

For further information and reservations please contact Sarah Swanepoel at:
Telephone: 012 998 0809
E-Mail: artsiecrafts3@gmail.com