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Sales Skills

Sales managers are the key to driving consistent sales performance. It is critical that they be developed. They have to be strategists and business managers. You have to focus on results, numbers, and performance. However, the most integral role of a sales manager is talent management. Coaches inspire commitment to action, support performance, and facilitate others to solve problems and make decisions, and focus on the process rather than the results.

A great coach can transform a good performer to a great performer and can eliminate obstacles for great performers to succeed even further. Coaching your sales reps is integral in their development and success. So do you know when to coach and when to manage?

This 2-day course is designed to develop a sales manager’s strengths to support their people, build their team and improve the team’s results with consistency.


  • Understand the difference between coaching and managing

  • Understand the difference between successful and unsuccessful sales reps

  • Create a personal development plan

  • Learn how to use Emotional Intelligence to motivate your sales reps

  • Measure the sales effectiveness of each of your reps

  • Successfully develop your reps based on their individual needs

  • Understand how coaching applies to ongoing talent management

  • Improve sales effectiveness by applying the appropriate type of coaching call required for each rep

  • Create a standard coaching protocol

  • Establish a cooperative environment with your team to succeed as a unit

  • Learn how to conduct a structured coaching conversation


  • Create a personal development plan

  • Principles of collaborative coaching

  • Personality assessment questionnaire – to be compared with the Ideal Sales profile

  • Set of questions to understand how your sales people think

  • Assessment sheet to evaluate your team

  • A closed-loop talent management process

  • Template for a sales development plan

  • 3 types of coaching calls for reps at different development stages

  • Coaching call observation checklist

  • Pre/post call process

  • A framework for coaching sessions

  • Sample questions to ask during coaching sessions

Collaborative Coaching

  • Delivering three levels of value

  • Learning the key roles of an effective sales manager

  • Recognizing the differences between managing and coaching

  • Understanding the principles of Collaborative Coaching

  • Creating your own personal development plan

Determining Sales Performance

  • Three elements in sales performance and their measures

  • A structure for understanding and managing motivation

  • Evaluating and measuring sales effectiveness

Developmental Planning

  • The Talent Management Process

  • Coaching as part of training and ongoing performance management

Coaching Calls

  • Techniques to develop business through the efforts of others

  • Three types of Coaching Calls and pre/post call process

  • Establishing coaching protocols and standards

  • Understanding and applying the four stages of a collaborative coaching conversation

  • Handling conflict with the coaching conversation

  • Using the communication skills of active listening and questioning

  • Obtaining non-evaluative feedback

Who Should Attend

  • Sales managers looking to build their expertise on a solid foundation
  • Sales managers wanting to create consistently better results from their team
  • Newly appointed sales managers
  • Any sales representative aspiring to become a manger

Duration: 2 Days

Dates: Contact the provider to provide you with this information

Venue: Pretoria/Sandton/Cape Town/Durban


The Sales Performance Indicator Report

The Sales Performance Indicator Report is designed to assist in the selection, placement, and development of people to work in sales roles. The report describes characteristics related to sales potential and performance, such as interpersonal skills, managing pressure, tough-mindedness, creating client satisfaction, and assertiveness.

It offers a specific recommendation regarding a person’s suitability for sales work, and a listing of his or her relative strengths and weaknesses in the skills and behaviours associated with good sales performance. Because many sales roles include a component of customer service, specific scores that focus on a person’s disposition toward customer services-related activities are also provided. This report further includes subscales that are related to habits, leadership potential, and personal style to produce a comprehensive profile.

Additionally, the Sales Performance Indicator Report includes an indication of the person’s Potential Capability (PC) which refers to “a person’s highest current level of mental complexity. It is the maximum level at which someone could work at the present time, given the opportunity to do so and provided that the work is of value to him/her, and given the opportunity to acquire the necessary skilled knowledge. This level of work is the level that people aspire to have and feel satisfied if they can get. When people have work at their current PC, they feel [believe] they have an opportunity for the full expression of their capability” (Jacques 1996:134). Jacques also points out that an individual’s PC increases as his or her complexity of mental processing increases (1996). An increase (or maturation) in an individual’s PC is associated with a change in level and enables an individual to work at higher levels of role complexity.

All the above mentioned information can help minimize costs associated with unfortunate sales/customer service personnel hiring decisions and can help maximize employee retention in sales/customer service roles.

Click here to download an example of a test report for sales representatives.


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All course fees includes:

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  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Light Lunch and Refreshments
  • 15% Tax

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